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The best pet birds, 8 best pet for apartment.

Hello, welcome to the My name is Angela M. Reeve. I want to welcome you by myself to the best pet birds, 8 Birds that I think to work great in an apartment. These, by the way, are in no particular order. Let’s get right to it.

No 01: The Lovebird

The first bird that I chose as a good apartment bird is none other than the love bird. Now keep in mind when choosing a bird for an apartment there are noisy Birds and there are loud Birds. For example, I would characterize my macaw rocky as loud but not noisy. He doesn’t scream all the time but when he does it can give you a little bit of a chill to the bone. I may describe some of these birds as noisy and some as loud. I won’t be describing any of these birds as loud because they are perfect for your apartment.


Back to the number one lovebird. Lovebirds may be a tiny bit noisy. They like to have a little bit of chatter now and then, but they are not loud making them great little best pet birds for your apartment. Love birds are not great talkers. They may be able to do some noises like microwaves and doorbells and things like that.

That doesn’t mean that your bird never will talk. But generally, love birds are not known for their talking abilities and although you should never buy a bird. Because you’re expecting a bird to talk a love bird would not be in that category if you are looking for a talking bird. But they are fun little busybodies with so much personality. You would love the companionship of a lovebird.

A lot of people think that lovebirds need to be in pairs. That’s because they’re called lovebirds when in fact you might bond so much better with one single bird than you would if you give your bird a companion, of course, if you find two paired lovebirds you don’t want to separate them. But if you are looking for a bird to interact and bond with you, you have to treat lovebirds just like you would with any other parrot and start with one bird first.

If you do that you can have such a deep wonderful bond with a love bird. Because lovebirds are noisy but not loud, I would give them a number two on the loud scale. One being the quietest and five being the loudest.

No 02: The Budgie

The next bird that is the best pet birds for an apartment is the budgie. Budgie czar such cute, little playful, little birdies and what’s amazing about budgies, is that although they aren’t necessarily known to be great talkers. Some budgies have an excellent vocabulary. It’s amazing.


Again, you would never get a budgie because you’re looking for a talking bird. But what’s so interesting about budgies is that when they do talk, I’ve heard them say so much. And it’s always really surprising and fascinating. So yes, you could get a little talking budgie. Budgie czar is very playful and extremely active.

What I like about budgies is that they’re not as destructive as a lot of their parent friends. So, if you are worried about your bird chewing up a lot of things in the house you won’t have to worry so much about that with a budgie. On the loud scale, I would give a budgie about oh one. Your neighbor probably will not hear your bird. Your budgie will probably not be disturbing anybody if at all.

No 03: The Parrotlet

The next bird that is, the best pet birds for an apartment is The Parrotlet. The Parrotlet is such little birds with such a big personality. You cannot go wrong with this curious little bird. They may say some words or phrases which are cute. But again, these are not the kind of birds that you get, because you’re depending on your Parrotlet to talk.


One thing about them that’s important to keep in mind though is that there are a lot feistier than budgies. So, if you have kids it might be better to go with a budgie rather than Parrotlet Because a budgie, in this case, might be a lot easier for your kid to bond with.

Every situation is different and every bird is different and every person is different. So, if you have bonded to a specific bird, well there’s your answer. You don’t need me to tell you. Parrotlet is amazing companions. And on a loud scale, I would give them about a 1. So, if you are living in an apartment and looking for a bird this is the best pet birds to look into.

No 04: The Cockatiel

Next, we have one of my favorites, the cockatiel. A cockatiel was my first bird, Dooley. He was a yellow cockatiel. I loved him, I felt like he was a great family bird. I got him when I was 7 years old. I bonded extremely well to Dooley. On a loud scale, I would give him like between a 1 or 2.


If you’re looking for a talking bird again a cockatiel is probably not where it’s at. A lot of cockatiels can whistle and sing, there are so many great videos in youtube of cockatiels whistling and singing. Mine didn’t my bird just screamed but knew exactly which bus was mine. When I was coming home from school. So much personality took over the house, but honestly, I think every bird is gonna do that. If you want me to be frank with you.

So overall, I would say its the best pet birds for an apartment. Good with kids. They can bond with one family member, but they can also be well socialized if you left them. Dulli was exceptionally socialized with the entire family. But when my brother and I went away to camp and came back, he was much more bonded to my mother.

So, you always want to keep that in mind that they always have the opportunity to become bonded to one person. Dulli enjoyed head scratches, and I loved giving head scratches to my bird and snuggling with Dooley. So, as you know I’m a little bias and I have a lot of passion for cockatiels. But all the birds that I previously mentioned are amazing too.

Cockatiels are popular. I would give them a loud scale of 1 to 2. Because they will scream if need be. But not as loud as Conyers which is our next bird of choice.

No 05: The Green Cheeked Conure

Out of the Conyers, I went with the green cheek Conure. They’re smaller than a lot of their fellow Conyers and a lot less noisy. On the noise scale, I would give them about a 2. Maybe a 2 plus. A lot of people describe these Green Cheeked Conure as little clowns. They’re extremely playful, they love to do little acrobatics. I enjoy Conyers you know that my sister enjoys Conyers as well.


Conyers can be really good for children. Especially if well socialized. Green Cheeked Conure can learn some words but again I wouldn’t depend on this specific conure for great vocabulary. They’re not exactly known for that. Also, very important to know that Green Cheeked Conure can become one-person Birds. If you have a family you want to remember that and socialize your bird exceptionally well. Which takes a constant effort, because birds do bond to one person very quickly.

So, you would have to be consciously active about engaging with your bird and every family member that wants to be involved with the bird. Conures are extremely affectionate and loving. They love head scratches and they love to love and they love snuggling. The best pet bird’s for an apartment.

No 06: The Pionus

This is a bird that a lot of parrot owners described as very quiet. Especially when trained right now. Don’t get me wrong they do have a little bit of a high-pitched squeak. But with all birds, if you’re able to interact with them and socialize them well.

That is behavior that is easily taken care of. When these birds are happy they tend to be pretty quiet. That is The Pionus. What a lot of people like about this bird, is that they can be very independent. I know it’s so tempting to have a cuddly bird, but sometimes a bird that just doesn’t mind doing his own thing can be refreshing. Especially for those of you who know about velcro birds and cockatoos that want to be on you all the time.


So, this can be a great bird for somebody who lives in an apartment and has a little bit of work to do maybe works from home and can spend a lot of time with their bird.

One other amazing thing about these birds is that they’re easily socialized with an entire family. Which makes them great for kids. Whereas some birds get attached to one person. This is a lovely bird that can be friends with the entire family.

Something to think about if you do have kids and you do have other people in your house. Because as you guys know some people take it very personally when a bird doesn’t like them. These parrots can learn a few words. They may even have a few phrases, they do have cute little raspy voices. Not like the African Grey where they might sound like you.

These guys sound like a bird. Which is cute and they’re understandable. If you are looking for a bird that speaks, you may get quite a few phrases out of The Pionus. They are known to talk. But they may not have the largest vocabulary, compared to other parrots.

What’s also really cute about these birds is that they have so much personality. It’s like you’re getting a really large parrot in a smaller bird. Which can be fun for those of you looking for that achromatic type bird. They can be affectionate, they may be as cuddly as they are affectionate.

But again, don’t let that deter you from this amazing bird. Because sometimes especially if you’ve never had a bird before, you’ll learn that a little bit of Independence and go a long way and be refreshing for you. If you’re looking for an apartment bird I would not pass up the chance to check these guys out. On a noise scale, I would give them a 2. Because if they are trained well, they probably won’t scream your house down.

No 07: The Mustache Parkette | The best pet birds

That brings us to another bird that I had in my apartment and I thought he was perfect. That bird would be my mustache parakeet, Picasso. I think we can also include the ringneck in this category. Although mustache parakeets are much quieter than ring-necked parakeets. Now my mustache parakeet Picasso, you guys see him how chill he is, he rarely screams. I would consider him maybe a 2 or 3 on the noise scale.

That’s known maybe like a 2 minus. Because Picasso when he screams it can be loud. But honestly, he does not scream often. That’s evidential that he would be a great apartment bird. He’s not exactly the cuddliest bird, he doesn’t enjoy head scratches and such. He does let me pet him in one direction on his feathers and he does snuggle up with me. I enjoy Picasso and I think he is a wonderful apartment bird if you are looking into mustache parakeets. Remember mustache parakeets are illegal in some states. So, check your state laws before you get a Mustache Parkette. This brings me to the last bird that I think is a pretty decent apartment bird.

No 08: The African Grey

I thought I should include this parrot. Because not a lot of people include them on the apartment list. But I honestly think they may not be that bad. Because I also had an African Grey in an apartment. I would describe African greys as probably a 3 plus maybe a 3 on the noise scale out of a 5. Because they are noisy, but they’re not loud.


Now don’t get me wrong, if they hear something loud, they can imitate it. So, if you have a cockatoo and then you bring home in African Grey. African Grey can learn cockatoo. The African Grey can also learn to hammer and whatever other construction sites might be going on outside your house. If your African great hear that, when the construction workers leave, it will not feel like they have left. It will feel like someone is hammering forever. There are things like that with African Grey.

But they don’t scream, more so they talk and chatter all day long. They do have a lot of quiet moments, but I enjoy the talking of an African Grey. I always find it welcoming, I always find it funny. But if you need to have absolute quiet in your house, if you’re somebody that films or I don’t know what else you could be doing that you need it quiet, an African Grey is not for you. Because they do enjoy their little chatter time and practice.

I love African greys I’m keeping them on the list for those of you that are wondering about larger parrots and which one might be good for apartment living. They’re not cuddly Birds, but they do cuddle some of them do cuddle Cody. I have had an African Grey in an apartment and it was wonderful it worked out great for me.

So those are the eight birds that I think to work well in an apartment. I went over a little bit which birds might also be good with kids. If you guys are interested specifically about which birds might be good with children? Let me know in the comments and I will also make that post for you guys. I want to thank you guys for reading. Please subscribe to our newsletter. Share this post. Don’t forget to follow us socially.

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